Friday, January 12, 2007

Today's News & Questions & Comments

Did anyone see the WRONG ANSWER on 1 vs 100.
The "Aristocrats" are LOW LIEFS, as in the JOKE - Movie that Penn did.
Senate will cap at $1Million, the amount an employee can "place in a tax-deferred compensation plan. Currently, there is NO Limit.
Proposed Min Wage raise to = $7.25 an hour.

1-29 -07
Quotes from the Anti-BuSh's War Demonstration -

"courage to stand up to this mean spirited, vengeful administration."

"But silence is no longer an option,"

"We all know it's not about winning or losing, it's about doing the right thing," she added. "Everybody knows this except the president."

"Americans don't want to send our young men and women into the middle of a civil war, a war we shouldn't have been in in the first place,"

The world is waiting for a new America."

"The Iraqis don't want us in Iraq, the American people don't want us in Iraq,"

"We need -- we demand -- leaders that we can follow, but they must be going somewhere to higher ground without fear,"

"We, the women of the United States have a very clear message for every single presidential candidate, including and especially [Sen.] Hillary Clinton -- pull out now. Get out of Iraq now,"

"We want to support the troops by bringing them home,"

They are going to build 30 Nuclear power plants with $8 BILLION in US Subsidies. *C - NOT good.

WSJ = Ethics Rules = "house and senate" - "Hors d'oeuvres are exceptions. So is "food that you have to eat standing up using a toothpick. *C - WMarts policy is - their buyers can even take a "Cup of Coffee".

Exxon and Lockheed Martin will "STOP paying executives country club dues - *C - Will that entitle them to the NEW Minimum Wage?
Need to know about an acronym -

What to do - BEFORE - your puter is stolen -
TheLaptopLock (exe) has been UPDATED

US embassy in Greece - hit by rocket. has a NEW Version - PART of it STILL - does FREE Calls.

China = "nation can't support population larger than 1.3 Billion - they will continue Controlled Birth Control - *C - The Pope is NOT going to like that.

*C = MY comments