Friday, May 25, 2007

WSJournal = "American's are paying GREEDY OIL $1.25 BILLION a day,
UP from $800 Million a day, in Feb.

"Hundreds of cos could owe Billion$ in back taxes."

House voted to bar lawmaker from accepting gifts, meals or trips from lobbyist -
GOOD FOR THEM = NOW what are the Senate?

Ethanol getting blamed for INCREASE IN STEAK AND CHICKEN prices.

On This Day in History December 27, 1944
As World War II dragged on,
FDR ordered his secretary of war to seize properties belonging to the
Montgomery Ward company
because the
company refused to comply with a labor agreement.

In an effort to avert strikes in critical war-support industries, Roosevelt created the National War Labor Board in 1942. The board negotiated settlements between management and workers

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